Tiny Footprints

Tiny Footprints

Pregnancy and Infant loss | #TinyFootprintsGala | October 5, 2019


Our vision:

Healing together through pregnancy and infant loss.

Our purpose is to raise awareness and promote conversations of loss to reduce the stigma surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. We also raise funds that sustain the current support programs, as well as to enhance these programs for parents and families that have faced the tragedy of pregnancy and/or infant loss. 



2018 Gala Images

We hosted our third annual celebratory event on October 13th, 2018; the weekend of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Click through to see images from the event.


Awareness. Support. Healing. Community.




To date, we have raised over $200,000.  These funds have contributed to programs that support individuals and families that have suffered miscarriage, stillborn or neonatal death.  In addition to providing resources for families, the majority of these funds were used to complete a much needed renovation to the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Clinic at the Foothills Medical Centre. This renovation consolidated the services of the clinic into a single space on a wing of the Women’s Health Center. This new space provides a private, professional and compassionate environment for families to receive the counseling so necessary to honor and celebrate the precious lives and find healing through the grief. Before this renovation services were scattered through the hospital, making them difficult to access or identify, leaving families feeling alone and unsupported.    

We hope to continue working toward meaningful and tangible support by funding counseling services, informational booklets and memorial materials for families to help them through the hardest moments. It’s important for us to continue to remove the stigma of silent suffering surrounding this topic and allow people to tell their stories and give them resources to reach out in times of need. 



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